引き返したら……?!。  音楽は、SALIF KEITA/ "FOLON" THE PAST/ CIDM 1187/(アフロポップ)優しくたゆたう”6/8拍”が地から這い上がる。  脊髄を、目眩く燦たる爽快がそよぐ。  ”カラ!、カラ!”転がり”グン!、グン!”のた打ち、”ヒュウ!、ヒュウ!”駆け抜ける。  しなやかな、のびのびした西アフリカ(Mali)の蒼く高い天が、青や金、赤を散らして飛翔する。  乾いた寂寥と無垢な優しさ、剽悍な憂愁に圧倒され形を失う。  空気のようにありがたくて、水のように大切なのに存在を忘れる。  ウー……茶のように、哀しく沈殿し澄明になる。 

♯♭♪ (*^.^*) : Archie Shepp 1 2 3 4/ Cecil Taylor/Buell Neidlinger - New York City R&B  O.P.(9:15)9:15、Buell Neidlinger(B)の革新的爪弾きで始まるそして4ビート、C. Taylor(P)は不協和音で明快なソロ『キュイン!キュイン!、……、キュロ!キュロ!』、ティンパニーが愉快、ベースソロで終わる。  Cell Walk for Celeste(11:47)、A. Shepp(Ts)のフリー・フォームブローイング、Denis Charles(Ds)フリーフォーム弾劾の打ち下ろし、Buell Neidlinger(B)のインプロヴィゼーションそして4ビート、シェップの渾身のブローイング、打弦の明快なパルテノン宮殿の構築。  ドラムスとBuell Neidlinger(B)は4ビートのパルス提供。  リードのフリーフォームブローイング、ベースのボーイング、フリーフォームの呼応。  Cindy's Main Mood(5:14)、ピアノの夢見るような大いなる展望、『キョン!キョン!、……』、ティンパニーの遠雷。  Things Ain't What They Used to Be(10:07)、4ビート、デューク・エリントン風 シェップ)とセシルテイラーのフリー・フォーム、R. Rudd(Tb)の心地良い寛いだパワーを秘めた朗々・滔々とした絶好調の放射、S. Lacy(Ss)のインパクト絶大なソロ、Charles Davis(Bs)のユーモラスな助奏、ブラス部門の寛大な・部厚い助奏であっけなくエンド。  A. Shepp(Ts)、C. Taylor(P,Main Performer)、S. Lacy(Ss)、R. Rudd(Tb)、Charles Davis(Bs)、Buell Neidlinger(B)、C. Terry(Tp)、B. Higgins(Ds,Tympani )、Denis Charles(Ds)、Release Date:January 9 & 10, 1961。

♯♭♪ (*^.^*) : San Francisco Symphony 1/ ☆□You Tube Search : Opening Benefit Concert 2009 American Mavericks American Orchestra Series San Francisco Symphony Jonathan Vinocour Alexander Barantschik Trouble in Tahiti Copland and the American Sound Keeping Score on The Thomashefskys in Philadelphia Beethoven/ Eroica Berlioz/ Symphonie fantastique Inside the Orchestra Ives/ Holidays Symphony -1 -2 -3 -4 A Concord Symphony -1 -2 -ks Stravinsky/ Firebird -1 -2 -ks Rite of Spring -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -ks -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 Tchaikovsky/ Symphony no.4 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 John Adams/ Shaker Loops: Loops and verses; A final shaking Youth Orchestra Percussion Mahler/ Symphony no.1 "Titan" -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 no.2 "Resurrection" -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 -11 -12 -13 no.7 -First horn solo no.8 Michael Tilson Thomas Filming "On Location" Shostakovich/ Symphony no.5 -1~ Musicians@Google: Michael Tilson Thomas(1:10:55)

♯♭♪ (*^.^*) : Enrico Rava 1 2 3 / ☆□You Tube Search : Landes De Merveille Canzone di Nausicaa 1 Amorevole 1 Laura Tutù Tango For Zasquez Y Perpita You Don't Know What Love Is The pilgrim and the stars Estate 1 2 3 More Richard Galliano play Spleen 1 Algir Dalbughi Le solite cose Mi ritorni in mente c.t.'s dance Night Bird blue marine Il tempo di morire Certi angoli segreti Milestones Maranhão Katcharpari Dino Saluzzi, Le But Du Souffle Doxy I'll Close My Eyes Autumn Leaves Scrapple From the Apple Poinciana L'age mur Donna Sola A Career Retrospective Tea for 3 : The Gulf Prologue Wag World Strung Out Wired Up Invocation Green Tea Trailer_7thDAY & Pat Metheny & Friends-4 -1 -2 Hornette Long Tail Spider Blues Il Signore del Pianoforte Enrico Pieranunzi E penso a te BARCO HASTA EL CIELO -1 -2 Djembe III Serie Amore baciami Catania Live Genova Jazz per Haiti 1/2/2010 Round About Midnight Theme For Jessica Senza Fine Time After Time che cosa c'è? al Teatro Regio di Torino Enrico Rava Quintet 1 2 Tribe Dr.Ra and Mr.Va Lavori Casalinghi 22e Rimouski Festi Pm Jazz Lab-17 -1 -2 Sibiu Jazz Festival 2007- 1 -2 -3 -4 -5 Sonamundi at Teano Jazz Festival 2006 50 anni di jazz Space is the place Christian Radovan Live at Cheeese 2009 -1~ Taichung Jazz Festival 2009 Cecil Taylor/ Taht Cun-un-un-un-an Talk 1 2

♯♭♪ (*^.^*) : Esperanza Spalding 1/ ☆□You Tube Search : Ponta De Areia Samba Em Preludio Espera If That's True Body & Soul‬‏ Fall In‬‏ ‪Wild Is The Wind Chim Chim Cher ee Junjo ‪O bem do Mar Mela 1 Mompouana‬ Apple Blossom Midnight Sun Look No Further Chamber Music Society -1~ Wintersun  Little Fly 1 Esperanza Spalding 1 2 EPK at the White House honoring Stevie Wonder  Song -1 -2 -3 -5 Music Lounge I Know You Knew 1 Prelude for Lovers Overjoyed 1 Samba em Prelúdio 1 I Know You Know 1 2 3 Really amazing Fall In She got to you 2 Studio Footage Performance-1 -2  Ponta De Aeria 0 1 2 3 Love In Time 1  Grooves Live in San Sebastian : -Jazz Ain't Nothing But Soul -She Got To You -I Know You Know / Smile Like That -Mela -1 -2 -Wild Is The Wind -Fall In -Coisa Feita -Crayola Mela at the White House.. The Bottoms Winter Sun I Adore You 1 2  Studio Footage Newport Jazz Festival 2008 Precious She Got To You Cantora de Yala 1 I Adore You Live in Copenhagen Grooves 1 Making of Colorado TIM Festival lovano us5 village vanguard us5,#2 pt. 1 In The Studio featuring ‪Playback Tokyo Jazz 2010 Interview 1 2 3

♯♭♪ (*^.^*) : Britney Spears 1/ ☆□You Tube Search : Born To Make You Happy Gimme More AND THEN WE KISS I Wanna Go Burning Up Don´t Let Me Be The Last To Know 1 Rader The Climb When I Found You Sometimes Everytime 1 Stronger overprotected I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman 1 Everytime We Kiss Mashup My Only Wish Unusual You 1 Womanizer Touch Of My Hand Lucky If U Seek Amy Me Against The Music Someday Tears Pepsi 1 2 3 Ooh Ooh Baby 1 Break The Ice Heart 1 e-mail my heart Love Stoned Anticipating Unusual You Amnesia Piece of Me Circus Like A Virgin My Prerogative 1 2 She'll Never Be Me 1 Hold it against me 1 What More  Im slave 4 you Overprotected Sexy Back If U Seek Amy Oops I Did It Again Toxic



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